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Have something you want to say? New single or album on the rise? Tour coming up? Send me an email and let's get it out there!


Profiles are a 1 to 3 page short form biography of you, your band or other areas of the industry you work in. From the beginning to present day. I will offer a set of questions to get started and work with you to ensure quality of the profile. I stand behind all my work. I never release anything until you are happy with it. Profiles generally take 1 to 7 days to create dependng on the amout of information. 


Biographies are a great wy for seasoned bands to get their stories out there and let the fans in. Biographies must be a minimum of 25 pages. Like the profiles I start of with a series of questions and work closely with you from start to finish to ensure 100% quality

Other services you can find

Along with the services I offer in the music and writing world you can also fiind other services I am affiliated with. is a global music enterprise launched in 2016 catering to all of you indie music needs. On this site you will find hundreds of talents all across the board of the industry.  

Phoenix Camerah is a photographer and rbx rdio host always pushing her talent and love for indie music to the limits. Head over to Da Nest and see for yourself




$7 per page                                                $9 per page with edit