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The Convertables (Niagara Falls)


Ron Graham, Ivan Howerchuk, Wayne Brown, John Locke, Dave Fulton, George Howse, Rebecca Graham, Lynn Dee, Rick Dunn

Musical Influences: Blues, Rock and Roll

In the Spring of 1985 the City Tavern was alive and rockin’, the sound? Gold Rush. The talent of the band consisted of Ron Graham on the Drums, Ivan Howerchuk was the lead vocals, Wayne Brown was on the bass and John Locke rocked the guitar. From the spring time until sometime in October the Convertables played steady Due to Wayne Brown’s alcoholism he left the band and relocated in Timmins Ontario meanwhile Dave Fulton came in to the band as the new bass player. Between Wayne and Dave there was a very short time when George Howse was a part of the band. Howse had issues with playing rock as country was where his musical roots stemmed. Due to another incident of alcoholism as well as lack of professionalism, another member left the band, and Rebecca McNair was brought in as the lead singer. After a year of playing together with this particular line up the band started to have issues with their manager, a lot of misery and baggage surrounded her. After an incidental freak out the band agreed quitting the management was in favor of the band and packed up their gear to walk out of a gig on a Tuesday night. This moment is when the band became the convertables. Right away this brought a great change, less than 24 hours after dropping management and a name change they were booked at the Rainbow Hotel for the following weekend.

Ron and Dave would drive around for days on end scouting bars and booking gigs. Hustling the scene paid off too. They were booked for 4 years solid, anywhere from 2 to 6 nights a week. 2 years after solid performing Rebecca became pregnant with her first child--- and Lynn Dee was hired in her place for 4 months. Once Rebecca came back it was back to steady shows for another 2 years. Rebecca became pregnant with her second child Robert and this time stayed behind the mic until her due date. When Robert was born, the Convertables retired from the night life. Rebecca much like with singing was a natural at motherhood and stayed home to raise her boys. Ron continued to work full time.

Steve Stumble (St. Catharines)

The Lucky Ones/Stumble Recording Company/Event Co-ordinator

Musical Influences: The Clash, The Ramones, Stiff Little Fingers, The Stray Cats, Forgotten Rebels, DOA, Teenage Head, The Problem Children, The Wetspots

Steve Stumble is a unique guy with a great sense of musical talent.

When he was just 15 he can remember sneaking into Jerry’s Alley to see the Wetspots. Being a part of this show made Steve feel on top of the world and created the love affair that he has with music today.  This show would be the cause of Steve attending many shows throughout the late 80’s early 90’s. During this time Steve booked and promoted shows for different clubs and bars such as Jerry’s Alley, the Mindbomb, The Hideaway, Gord’s, Merchant Ale House and the Fiddler’s Pour House among many other establishments. Steve still does event co-ordinating today including S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival, Hot Rod Hootenanny and Oktoberfest Niagara.

In 1992 Steve was a part of Punk band the Sick Boys, which lasted 10 years. Playing all over the Niagara region.  Now Steve is a part of the Drunk Punk band, The Lucky Ones, playing all over the Niagara region. Over Steve’s stage career he has been able to share it with some of the greats. Dropkick Murphy’s, Rancid, AFI, Swingin’ Utters, Stiff Little Fingers, Teenage Head and the Forgotten Rebels.

After a nasty run in with the IRS the record label Steve had been with in Chicago went bankrupt so being the resilient man Steve is, he started his own punk rock record label. Stumble Records. This happened in 1997 and the label is still going strong today.                                                                                                Steve has been a fan of music ever since he can remember stemming back to he and his sister were always into all music they could find. Growing up in the 80’s there was quite the eclectic style.


Sick Boys: Barfly Cassette (1993 Independent\0, Wrecked' Em? Damn Near Killed' Em! CD (1995 Skunk Records), Two Man Conga Line LP (1996 VML Records), Put Your Weight On It! CD (1998 Stumble Records)

Sick Boys: From There To Here CD (2001 Stumble Records)

The Lucky Ones: The Booze Sessions CD (2010 Stumble Records), Heartbreak, Hangovers & Punk Rock CD & LP (2012 Stumble Records), Shout! EP (2012 Stumble Records)...Currently just finished a new 14 song record that still has yet to be named...


Stereo Sunrise (Niagara Falls)

Justin Koetsier, Piero Montemurro, Tommy Metcalfe, Arih Struger-Kalkman

Orange Couch Records

Musical Influences: Blind Melon, Jane’s Addiction, The Ghandharvas, The Beatles, The Doors, Black Sabbath

Stereo Sunrise is like a music enigma. They get on stage and when the music starts there is a force that makes you listen. And so it should, after only a few jam sessions there was three songs written and a connection within the band that just made them play.  Within two weeks they were on to their first gig in Coboconk Ontario. With an amusing amount of 90’s influences the band has this unique way of capturing misplaced feelings and emotions from “back in the day”. Giving the fans a sense of familiar with a twist of kick ass. Every creative moment is held onto. And randomness is welcomed and has always been a special part of what makes up Stereo Sunrise.

Piero, a Niagara Falls native has been meddling with music for quite some time.

Previously a part of Emerald Reign, Beautiful Murder and Marble Weed, but Stereo Sunrise is Piero’s main focus right now.  Piero credit’s his brother for pulling him in to the musical realm. It was his brother introducing him to kick ass music which eventually became kick ass influences. Bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, The Beatles, The Ghandharvas, Jane’s Addiction and the early years of Metallica. Piero is also a fan of classical.

Justin was born in Holland and came to Canada when he was 5. Music has always been in Justin’s blood but didn’t thicken until his early 20’s. Growing up Justin had uncles and some friends who dabbled in playing music so it was something that was always around. He had a few unconscious attempts to play but didn’t get serious until he graduated. His gift from his mom was a guitar and an opportunity to get on his feet after college. Once he picked up that guitar he never put his love for music down again.

Arih is originally from Guelph and plays bass for the band. He was discovered in a bookstore. Only in his 20’s he (as well as Tommy) brings a modern vibe and fresh perspective on music. Arih was 6 when he first understood his love of music. His best friend played violin and Arih wanted to do the same. In university he picked up a guitar, 5 years ago, he picked up a bass. He has had a love affair with the instrument ever since. Arih’s influences range from Trevor James & the Perfect Gentlemen, the Gandharvas, Ron Sexsmith and Thunderclap.

Tommy originally from Barrie is the drummer of the foursome. Also in his 20’s, he has been dancing with the idea of music since he was 10, his dad taught him basic drum beats and he took the craft of drumming to a solo act by listening to his idols to find his place behind the skins. It wasn’t until he was 18 he got serious about it. Influenced by bands like Tool, Nirvana, Deftones, and the Refused he is also a fan of classic acts like Styx and the Police. His influences go deeper than the bands though, he has a passion for the drummers themselves such as Danny Carey, Todd Sucherman, Stewart Copeland, Josh Freese, Abe Cunningham and of course Dave Grohl. Tommy really loves jazz music as well and credits it for being a major part f his drumming career. To keep from plateauing Tommy remembers that you only get out of the world what you put in, so in order to keep succeeding he is always looking for a way to better his play. Along with Stereo Sunrise Tommy plays with the Advancing Low Lives. Playing with both bands gives him the opportunity to play 2 completely styles of music and keep things fresh.

So what does the future hold for the boys? I will tell you.  They just spent sometime in the studio with Juno Award winning producer Seigfried Meier of Beach Road Studios and Jordan Rutledge of Orange Couch Records. They are awaiting the release of the EP “Wait for It” and their title track is nothing short of awesome. The song is about patience and spirit lifting of the low. There is also a video of the single to be released, entirely done by Peter Chadwick, the lead singer of Advanced Low Lives. These boys go all out and don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

“It’s a corner view, for you in the shade. Disappointing-Keeping it down while you wait. Been there calling the tide out for you. To pick up where we left off to…Set sail.”

“Wait for it.”

Ryland Crockall (Niagara Falls/Hamilton)

Band Members: Ryland “El Guapo” Crookall, Kevan “the Oaf” Baesso, Ross Lizotte and Bobtard The Might Sextiger.

Musical Influences: Slayer, DRI, GG Allin, Motorhead

Gnarly Skull is a Hamilton/Niagara based band that sell you nothing short of a kick ass concert experience. Ryland is their guitar player and got serious about music in 2001.

From the depths of I don’t fuckin’ know where, come Gnarly Skull. Followers of the multi headed saucer demon, Zutan. The only way to please the demon master is through the entertainment of obscene thrash metal in the most juvenile way.

When ask why music? The answer was why not? It is thought that all musicians hear music they like and want to play it themselves and create new music like it. There is that moment where they hear a song and say “This is what I’m going to do.”

Ryland claims he’s a shit hockey player so if he was going to get to be a famous Canadian it would have to be through music. Serial Killer didn’t seem that appealing to him.

Currently unsigned and self-perpetuated Gnarly Skull has released Four Sheets To The Wind - 2005, Gnarly Skull Plays Their Songs Like Pussies (acoustic EP) - 2006, Stench Of Piss EP -2007, right now the band is working on recording Brute Force And Blind Ignorance

Gnarly Skull has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many great bands such as, Dayglo Abortions, Agent Orange, SNFU, The Golers, Bunchofuckingoofs, Warsenal, and Skull Fist

Ryland started playing music as a teenager but his first recollection of music was back in the 80’s his brother gave him a cassette tape of The Problem Children. Being saved from Raffi Ryland got acquainted with the song “fuk Yuz All” and this is where the heavy journey began with him.

Gnarly Skull are always looking for a stage to tear up or a venue to play but one thing is for sure: They must always please the saucer demon.

Rob Graham Band (Welland)

Alternative Grunge

Members: Rob Graham/Guitar and Vocals, Andrew Gagnon/Drums, Kelvin Antle/Bass

Location: Niagara Falls Ontario

Musical Influences: Nirvana, Led Zepplin, Beatles, Johnny Cash, Foo Fighters, Blink 182,Eric Clapton, Green Jelly, Pearl Jam, Green Day

At 26 Rob Graham is quite the accomplished musician. Along with writing and performing solo, he plays in two other bands as well (Rob Graham Band, Off Your Rocker).

 Being the youngest child of two very accomplished musicians, it was in Rob’s DNA to follow in the footsteps. So much so, that his first time on stage he was still in the womb. A first performance that he does not remember. His parents Rebecca McNair and Ron Graham were very prominent musicians which is where the musical gene comes from. They were part of the band the Convertibles, a well-known band circulating the Niagara Region from 1985 to 1989. Growing up Rob always had any instrument at any given time for him to pick up and play. The fortune doesn’t stop there as Rob was growing up his parents took him to every show the attended, so before Rob was 5 he had seen more bands live than most people have seen in a lifetime.

At the age of 6 Rob picked up a bass, and was taught to play Memphis Tennessee by Chuck Berry (what a sweet intro to instruments), his second lesson was Storm Never Lasts by Dr. Hook.

By the time Rob got the hang of playing these tunes he had developed and ear for the sound of music. He could listen to a tune pick up the instrument and mimic what he had learned. I myself have only seen this a few times.

Fast forward to 2009. This is when Rob established as a professional musician under the name Beats Me Productions. Self-perpetuating much like the band Boston, he has managed and funded his entire career himself.

In 2011 Rob was featured in Guitar Justice Magazine. This was the beginning of Rob passion and seriousness for the music industry. In 2012 Rob renamed the band The Rob Graham and recorded his debut album “Welcome to Earth” at Strange Pumpkin Studios in St. Catharines (Their dear friend and former bassist Obbie Twice appeared on this record).  They would also go on to record and release “Raw and Reloaded” in the same year. With these albums Rob established a wave of heavy and melodically powerful lyrics with a raw and dirty sound to complete the package of keeping the grunge alive. The band has had many successes on stage and the pleasure of sharing it with bands and performers including, Die Mannequin, The KAC HimselF, Stew Brennand, Battered Egos and Aaron Berger and The Blue Stars. As well the band has performed at charity events such as the Mark Preece Family House Fundraiser.

Being a proud supporter and member of the Niagara music scene Rob has seen his fair share of accomplishments to date such as nominations for Song Writer of the Year 2014 and New Group of the Year 2014. 2015 was equally exciting for Rob as he was nominated for Song Writer of the Year Best Original Song as well as Rising Star of the Year. In his spare time you can catch Rob working on other musical projects such as Off Your Rocker. Look for their soon to be released “Hookers Don’t Break My Heart”, missing out on them just might break yours.


Knife the Wolf (St. Catharines)

Members: Everet Luciow, Jordan Rutledge, Mark Hoerdt

Orange Couch Records

Discography: Hard On Me (full lengthLP) Knife The Wolf (4 track EP)

Knife the Wolf is a unique collection of humans all coming from equally interesting backgrounds. The bands journey started in 2011, but the members’ history is a journey that starts long before.

Their bass player, Fergie Duncan fell in love with music at age 5. He started out on the piano and moved his way from there, through to the saxophone. From there he moved on to the guitar and bass. Ferg seems to be a master of multi-tasking. As well as incredible musician he also hosts tours at Silversmith’s brewery, not to mention he is a high school super hero teaching the two things we need to survive science and sound. Fergie’s musical influence and genius talent comes from many greats in the local and international industries, including, Victor Wooten, Jacob Pastorious, Lyle Lovett, The Band, The Allman Brothers, Rod Standish, Aaron Berger, The Re-Bops, Majora, The Mandevilles and Birds of Ontario,

Vintage house Collector, building reviver and furniture restorer, Mark Hoerdt is the drummer for Knife the Wolf. He also plays with Mando. Musical instruments and influence was easily accessible for Mark growing up as his father was a drummer. Mark picked up the drums later on in life but found comfort behind the kit. Along with the Boozy Truth and Stereo Sunrise, Mark’s influences are very much the same as Ferg’s; The Re-Bops, Majora, The Mandevilles, Birds of Ontario, Barbarosa, Taylor Hulley, Pete Trembley, Tv Freaks, and The Advancing Low Lives, Also, international bands such as The Sheepdogs, Electric Six and ChildBite, Buck 65, The Saint Alvia Cartel.

Influenced by Ian Thornley, Tom Petty, Steve Vai and Andy Timmins, Jordan Rutledge is an incredibly talented, professional musician and audio engineer, he is also the lead guitarist and back vocals for the band. For Jordan, music chose him. His father Bob Rutledge, being a guitar player in a rock band made instruments and equipment easily accessible to him growing up. Along with playing with many other acts as a member of Knife the Wolf, Jordan has also had the pleasure of opening for bands such as Kim Mitchell, State of Shock, Econoline Crush and the Johnstones.

Gas fitter by day, tallest lead singing guitar player in the world by night, Everet Luciow had a taste for music at a young age. Along with singing in church he spent much time listen to his grandmother play the organ. Along with his love there was a bit of spite to add to finding his musical way. By grade 8 Everet was burnt out from playing sports and to add insult to injury he had that one teacher. You know, the one who zeroes in on a student because they are unhappy in their own life (most of us have had that teacher). This particular “teacher” made the assumption that Everet would never be able to play anything due to his struggles in theory class. Look how that turned out. Motivation via “No you can’t”.

Along with the mean motivation, Everet looked to inspiration through the influences of Simon and Garfunkel, The Kinks, Cream, The Specials, The Georgeous, Everytime I Die, The Clash, The Weakerthans, Attack In Black and Bob Dylan.

Cody Linthicum is the man with the mandolin. Originally from Indiana he relocated to the Niagara region. Growing up with hippie parents in the woods helped set the stage for Cody’s plunge into music with diversity at such a young age. Cody is influenced by many greats including Chris Thile, David Grisman, Tony Rice, Michael Daves, John McLaughlin, and Segivus. Music like Santana, Led Zepplin and Tom Petty were in constant rotation on the radio as well. At 13 Cody’s parents brought him to see Santana, Keb Mo, and Jeff Beck an experience that has stayed with him. Cody started to play guitar after his brother broke his wrist moshing to a cover of Nirvana. Cody got a hold of his brother’s guitar and naturally started teaching himself how to play. Today Cody is credited with playing the guitar, the mandolin and the banjo.

Knife The Wolf has a unique sound unlike any other I have heard recently or before for that matter. Always kicking it up a notch when they hit the stage. Knife the Wolf are a staple of entertainment in the local music industry.


Ji Sharp Yehia (Niagara Falls)

Guitar Player/Solo Artist

Musical Influences: The Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, ell and Lucas Punch, market and promote the band daily through social media, sharing the album as well as creating and selling their own tie-dye T-shirts

In 2014 Ji also joined the Royal Conservatory of Music and continues as a student of the musical arts today. Also in 2014 Ji joined the In the Soil Arts Festival committee. During the event he built and decorated the event and venue signs as well as sold tickets at the ticket booth and advertised around the city. He was a part of this in 2015 also.

In 2015 Ji became a part of the Mount Carmel Arts Festival where he supplied entertainment and served food to the community as the observed the artist atmosphere around them. He also helped build and set up the outdoor stage for the event. This event is where the Perpetual Peace Project held their cd release party.

Ji worked with My Stage setting and tearing stages and promoted their up and coming events.

In 2015 Ji and his band mates received 2 Niagara Music awards. The award for Best Jazz Group of the year and Best New Band of the year.

Over the years Ji has been influenced by many talented humans in the industry including: John Scofield, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Frank Zappa, Pat Metheny, The Grateful Dead, Phish, Bob Marley, The Band, Miles Davis, Funkadelic, The Meters, Gil Scott-Heron, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Chet Baker, Dizzy Gillespie, The Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Del Mccoury, Aretha Franklin, Weather Report, Earth Wind & Fire, Martin Medeski and Wood, Umphrey's Mcgee, Talking Heads, Esperanza Spalding, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Peter Tosh, Derek Trucks and B.B. King

In just a few short years Ji has shared the stae wth some amazing talent. He has performed with all of the members of the Perpetual Peace Project, The Rod Standish Band, Must Stash Hat, Deisel Dog, Josh Mills and Rita Carrey.

Ji has a very free and spiritual personality as well as a natural talent with his musical abilities and lights up any room he walks into.


"Cannibal" Cam Schwarz (Niagara Falls)

Radio host/horror advocate/Die hard metal fan/Music connoisseur

Influences: Any music that moves him


For die hard metal head “Cannibal” Cam Schwarz, it really is all about the music. In a world where fans come and go Cam is there for life guaranteed. In the early 90’s Cam was credited with forming the first death metal band in the Niagara Region, Mangled, as well as organizing and performing at the first death metal show ever to grace the scene in Niagara. Including the bands Inbred, Macification, Mangled, Nails, Grotesque Infection, Gastric Pus and Demonacy.  (This show happened in 1993.)

Cam has the widest range of influence I have ever seen going anywhere from Napalm Death to Emerson Lake and Palmer. So, let’s start from the beginning and talk an eclectic walk through Cam’s musical life. Headphones are where the journey begins. This is when Cam realized he could be free in his musical choice and listen, to whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Though it seems Cam’s first love is Metal of the heaviest content, he is actually educated in every aspect of sound. He has an unsung love for am gold rock and classic soft rock. Though Cam has and still is influenced via discovery, one of his main and natural influences is his father. With a collection including, Curtis Mayfield, Wild Cherry, Isibisas .Cam’s father even had the pleasure of jamming with Blood Sweat and Tears, before the fame. This is where the soul entered Cam. Even still, holding on to tapes recorded from the radio as a youngin’. A guilty pleasure anyone had from that era. Recording favourite songs so they could listen over and over, in Cam’s case it was Van Halen and Styx. As he grew older and began to notice other people preferences he also noticed other people’s shirts Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, KISS. Who were they? And what were they all about? After spending quite some time investigating rock and metal, Cam noticed something else of interest, breakdancing. While at school Cam had caught a glimpse of this interesting form and had to know more. Mostly more about the music. When Cam got a hold of Rap he jumped into the music both feet first. Searching everywhere for the newest sound. Looking everywhere from friends collections to books to magazines to find that sound. The who’s who of underground is what he was after. New York City Breakers, Whodini, and the movie Breakin’ would be major influences in this genre of music for him. Soul, Hip Hop and Funk are a large part of what makes up Cam. A “white boy with soul” if you will. His transition from rap did not come in the form of blues or jazz but took a turn at skate music. Skate boarding was the next big thing in Cam’s life and came on full force. Skate videos became a daily watch and were narrated musically with bands like Dinosaur Jr. Black Flag and The Faction. This was the doorway of edgy and different in the influential evolution. In the late 80’s Cam was taken over by something fast, something loud and fuckin heavy. Heavy metal took over with a vengeance. Testament, Slayer, Death Angel and Metallica were now part of Cam’s music library. But it wasn’t until bands like Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror came around with the obscurity he was looking for from a compilation called North Atlantic Noise Attack. These were the bands that Wowed Cam. That was it and he wanted more. At this point in his life Underground and UK Hardcore from the 80’s is right where he needed to be. The obscurity didn’t stop there,  Power Violence, Black metal, Death metal and Grind. This led to creating fanzines that caught the attention of GG Allin with him requesting an interview with him from prison. Though Cam is a member of many musical genres, metal and punk be still his heart. For a while Cam wrote for a magazine called Extreme Magazine, a free newspaper that spread across Canada and the US covering the punk aspect of the writing as well as a ton of interviews and even more live shows. So as you can see the influences range from every area and genre of music.

Cam was in a grind core cover band during 1990-91. Performing covers of Nederthal and Demise, as well as many other noise cuts. In 1992 Cam was in the band Mangled the first death metal band to hit the scene in Niagara. These stepping stones created a doorway for Cam to explore worlds that for many was like a nightmare and for him was like wonderland. Along with Death Metal and Grind Core, Cam was also a part of the alternative and punk scene spending some time in different bands like Round 13 lasting from 1995-98 (So-Cal Punk).

Cam was also involved in a project called It Lives Within, an improve band that experimented with psychedelic horror soundtracks. A few live shows happened, but the main focus was sound and music work for indie horror films. There was a heavy influence of GOBLIN, Fabio Frizzi and AMON DUUL. This project lasted from 2004-07

Cam also worked with Bedlam Society now known as Bedlam Management (Alexisonfire, Bedouin Soundclash, Monster Truck). The opportunity to work with this company opened up a lot of doors for Cam including interviewing Iron Maiden’s Dave Murray during the Dance of Death tour with Dio and Motorhead. During this time he also wrote for their website Bedlam Society. That was from 1998-05

In 1998 Cam and long-time friend Metal Dan began Chronic Aggression Radio. A heavy metal radio show. Due to the station going down, that project lasted until 2002. After 10 years off the air, Chronic Aggression returned to radio April of 2012 on 103.7fm. While the show was on hiatus on the radio Cam and Dan spent time online doing video interviews and other such projects still continuing under the title. During the beginning of the radio journey a new influence opened up Cam’s musical mind, prog rock and psychedelic. Continuing on the path, he found obscure planet, covering moog masters like Emerson Lake and Palmer with their first album and Mike Oldfield’s album Ommadawn.

Cam isn’t just a part of the musical world. His resume spills over into the horror scene as well. Getting involved sometime in the 2000’s. Cam started off interviewing and media work for Rue Morgues Festival of Fear. This little adventure led to the meeting of now partner for Rabidog films, Phil Pattison.

Cam had the pleasure of being on the team that brought George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead to the musical stages of Toronto. This was one of the bigger opportunities Cam has had to date and working with those masters of the industry has opened up the door for other horror projects like releasing cult films with  Slashervideo, Deadly Prey, Killer Workout and locally made Splatter. The boys at Rabidog Films are always up to something whether it be interviews, filming bands, commercials, or movies. Being in this aspect of the industry just confirms Cam feels everything he is doing in life is right and is exactly what he needs to do.

Cam’s journey through music radio theatre and filming has brought him some incredible moments in life including spending some VIP time in Pittsburgh, wandering through the sets of Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead (Pittsburgh is the hometown of the franchise) moving onto an evening with The Who in concert and finished off with a Steelers game. Just one of many “kid in a candy store” moments in his life.

Cam will always be on the eternal hunt for the next best thing or the forgotten great, always trying to find “That” band. It’s his job.

Phoenix Camerah/Candy Burns (St. Catharines)

Program Director at Max Ink Radio/Photographer

Musical Influences: Anyone who moves her ranging from older to obscure music, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Cream


Phoenix Camerah, is one unique woman, and one kick ass DJ. In 2012 a wonderful thing happened, Phoenix started working at max ink radio. It was her brother in law that convinced her to get into the industry. This is around the time Phoenix got sober. The radio show became a fabulous distraction as wellas an off the wall, successful career. Though her husband has a love for country, metal is what runs through her veins. And joined the club while metal was still labeled underground music and had no place on the radio.

Phoenix was a child in the 60’s and 70’s and had a wonderful opportunity to grow up in a world of music most of us only dream of. Phoenix’s love affair with music goes far beyond her memory. Her first live show was at the age of three. Other than a squeeze box and a fiddle there is not much else she remembers. Mind you she does have that first show that she does remember. In 1970 she had the pleasure of seeing The Association and never stopped chasing that rush of the live show. Phoenix had the chance to see Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin together on the stage. Missed the show and never got the chance again. For Phoenix that was the one that got away, but she was just too young. Having such an era under her belt it was understandable why Phoenix had no interest in FM radio. Where was the rock? Where was the metal? At that time, not on FM radio.

During her teenage years Phoenix played football which she is still heavily into, wrote poetry (another passion) and dabbled in singing (she was in a choir for a short while) but showcasing the music is where it is at for Candy, she is a local music hero. Her play lists for Niagara music includes so much talent. Anyone from Cory Cruise to Battered Egos. Phoenix’s love of the music is what keeps her on the air. Her deep appreciation for the Niagara scene and what it has to offer. Phoenix is incredibly grateful for the musicians that continue to create new music and explore sound. A typical day for Phoenix starts with commodious amounts of coffee and scanning through media for updates and new music. Once the updating is done all the music she plays for the day gets loaded into the music program for the show then more coffee. Phoenix’s mood is what determines her playlists and enjoys changing them up on a regular basis, and the feedback is what determines who get repeated on air. Then more coffee. She is the co-program director for Max Ink radio her partner Jimmy K works out of Wisconsin, where Max Ink is broadcasted from, another area where Phoenix is fond of the diverse musical creativity. Phoenix chose underground radio because she doesn’t like to be told what to do much less be told what to listen to or play. Formula radio just doesn’t do it for her. Having bands in the studio is a large part of Phoenix’s show and believes with the exception of a few songs the focus is solely on the band in the room. Where Candy is in her life she believes you are NEVER too old to rock, and everyone deserves their 3-5 minutes on air. With a solid personality Phoenix Camerah is genuine METAL!

Adam Wallington (Crystal Beach)

Owner of The Adam Wallington Music Co. , and Co-Owner of IceboX Studio And Production

Musical Influences: Peter Gabriel, Sting, Jeff Buckley, Jarle Bernhoft


Adam Wallington is quite the accomplished musician and has a life time of experience to go with it. Adam was introduced to the piano at age 5 and never put

thought to being anything other than a musician when he grew up. When he put his fingers to the keys there was an instant connection between Adam and music. Along with having natural talent Adam was trained at the Royal Conservatory on piano.

With over 100 pieces of music Adam began to sing and compose at a young age and never limited himself to just singing he composes music does scores for movies as well as does voice over work for video game developers.

Along with the piano Adam has fallen in love with playing the guitar and many other musical pieces. He sees no limits when he expands and explores his musical insight.

Over the years along with being a performer Adam has also worked behind the scenes on staging and lighting crews and with audio technical companies. His resume includes AVW-TELAV, Shaw Theatre, Audio Design Systems, Ashen White and the Niagara Local Crew.

Adam has established his roots as a musician and shared the stage with some pretty incredible talent such as Peter Davidson of the Good Brothers and Michael Piccolo. After that he formed and was in the competition winning band The Core.  Later, he was a member of New York Minute, creating a group called The Project with two of the members after the original line up folded.
He has also worked with groups and artists like Renegade and Elton Lemme.

Needing to learn video and music production for his own accord, he is currently running Icebox Studios in Crystal Beach with partners Al Poretta and Kool Daddy Blue. Two more genius music manipulators (or wizards of sound if you will) from the Niagara Region.

Adam Wallington is nothing short of talent in all aspects of music, Singer, Song writer, Instrumentalist, Producer, Studio owner. He is a man that see no musical limits and expands his musical biography. To date he has worked some stunning artists, such as Kashus Clay, Nasir, Kool Daddy Blue, R.D. Reid, Cassandra Xavier, Thomas Weller, Dean Young, Carina Frammartino, Baby G, Snypz D.X.O. and MJ Blake. This is just the short list.  Adam is a genuine person who is passionate about what he does and who he is. A pleasure to work with, Adam has only just begun in the world of his musical capabilities.

Cale J Costello (Niagara Falls)

For Cale Costello music was a natural progression. There was never any thought
to the process of becoming a musician is just happened. Born in Niagara Falls but
raised between Niagara Falls and St. Catharines Cale’s earliest influence in music
was his father. Watching him play in rock and cover bands, though John plays guitar
and sax it was the drums that appealed to Cale. Growing up Cale listened to bands
like, AC/DC Deep Purple Metallica Malhavoc, Gwar, Pantera, Sepultura, Mundane,
Slayer, Dream Theater, Cannibal Corpse, Death, Obituary, The Crown, Dying Fetus,
By the age of 7 Cale was taking lessons from an extremely talented man by the
name of Dave O’Neil whom worked out of Thorold Music. Truly an inspiration to Cale
as Dave was in an accident when he was 16 and lost his hand. By the time Cale got
out of high school he had formed his first metal band S.K.N.S. That band was his first
taste of the live stage in the local metal scene sharing the stage with bands like Nangari,
19 Days and Smithsgrove as well as the beginning of Cale recording demos. 3
years after S.K.N.S. Cale quit and went on to form Bathed in Blood. Being a part of
an extreme death metal band it was essential to push the limits. Bathed in Blood is
where Cale learned the professional aspect of drumming and being a part of a professional
band. Cale had a big hand in Bathed in Blood being the one to oversee lyrics,
studio recording, booking shows, artwork, merchandise and CD production. There
were many highs and lows for the band in their 7 years running not to mention a respected
fan base considering there were many years without an existing metal scene.
In 2010 Cale quit Bathed in Blood and jumped on the opportunity to join Niagara Music
Award winning metal band Wretchedpain. Since Joining Cale has helped bring the
band to the next level, they have shared the stage with quite a few big metal bands
as well as put out an EP in 2013 and drove themselves to do a European Indoctrination
tour. 16 shows, 16 days 7 Countries.
To date Wretchedpain has their finest line up and are in the writing process for
the next release as well as some dates in the U.S. Since 2012 Cale has been preforming
with The Ripping Friends doing many live shows including the Sick Kids of
Niagara benifits and now writes original music with them. Cale has also spent some
time on stage with his father John and the band The Tone Masons, and described it
as a coming full circle moment for him.
Cale has many projects on his resume; working with the KAC Himself recorded
an intro jingle for college radio station Chronic Aggression, as well as his own personal
project Totalduo. A project with long-time friend Matt Grabon.
Though Cale’s first love is metal music he has an open mind to all music stating
“There is always going to be something you haven’t learned.”


C.D. Onofrio (Niagara Falls)

In 2000 C.D. was gifted a family guitar by his sister. He laid on the hood of his
Delta ’88 and wrote his first song. C.D. recorded the song on a Panasonic tape recorder.
This moment proved to be the start of a lengthy music career. In 2002 wanting
to run after the dream of writing and performing, he dropped out of university and
relocated to Australia. In the year he was there he spent time performing in cafes,
busking and consequently living in depression. At this time he created an EP of what
he describes as “Terribly sad songs in Melbourne.” Back in Canada, C.D. finished
university and helped form the Adores with former band mate Brandon Agnew. In one
day and a 35 year old bottle of Scotch they recorded 14 songs in a house in London
Ontario. The following year, C.D. and Brandon’s musical relationship was coming undone
and C.D. annihilated the band and moved onto his next musical adventure Sea
of Gold and Burgundy and found a comfortable following in the Niagara music scene.
In 2009 a 3 song recording titled Terrible Arrows was released. In the same year C.D.
helped start MOCtalk with Joseph Stracuzzi. The show was dubbed as Niagara’s
only independent music variety show. 2009 was also the year C.D. would feature the
outstanding violin talents of Danielle Oegema on the album Wind Through Leaves an
acoustic folk album.
In 2011 C.D. became very interested in Rod Standish’s idea of a perpetual jam
a session that would last forever and save the world. He was already in thought of
starting a jam of perpetuity so Rod’s idea was perfect timing. Being the best thing for
his life at the moment C.D. coined it as the Perpetual Peace Project. A collection of
bands that all had the idea of a musical change for the universe in hopes of greater
things to come. In the same year he released the self-titled album Sea of Gold and
Burgundy. As C.D. came upon 2012 he served as the musical director for the Mount
Carmel Fine Arts and Music Festival, Sea of Gold and Burgundy came to an end and
the Perpetual Peace Project came to be perceived as a band with radical inclusive
philosophy and no fixed memberships. The Perpetual Peace Project has come to be
very successful in the past few years. Conveying the message to people from all over
the world as well as creating a change in the world’s electromagnetic field. In 2013
C.D. spent the summer singing songs of peace at the Maid of the Mist market place
creating a reflection of a beautiful summer. He also released a 3 song EP with no
title holding the name C.D. Onofrio Trio. With Perpetual Peace Project still making a
statement in 2014 they released a full length album Heart to Heart. Performing with
many of the same musicians C.D. also released an album that year titled Love in the
To date C.D. is in the studio recording the EP Music that Matters. He continues to
do what he loves…live his dream.


The Mandevilles (Welland)

Why Music? Because we’d die without it.
The Mandevilles is the brainchild of long time music partners Serena Pryne
and Nick Lysek and are made up of many things. High energy, kick ass lyrics and a
stage presence so huge, it’s hard to imagine that massive of a sound. In 2012 they
smashed into the Niagara Music scene as Serena Pryne and the Mandevilles. Serena
has an intoxicating voice that will draw anyone to her within seconds of listen. When
the pair came together around the turn of the millennium they began to write their
own material and formed kick ass rock band Oliver Black. Shortly after, they were
approached by an American record label that soon after went bankrupt. This left the
band living in the states and untied.
The band spent a short time in Europe and released an album holding on to the
name Serena Pryne and the Mandevilles. This led to a song writing collaboration with
musician Dave “Dwave” Thomson a Nashville based Niagara Falls native. Wanting
something new and unheard the band relocated back to Canada for a kick start.
Only keeping with them guitarist Taylor Laslo, just a few months before heading
to Vancouver to record at Richardson’s The Farm Studios, long-time friend and fellow
musician Brent Bendo was pulled into the band to play the drums. Three weeks before
recording began and a countless amount of auditions for a bassist, Waylon Glintz
stole the show and became the final member of the band.
The Mandevilles have had many accomplishments in their time together including
the albums Goodnight Golden Sun (2012) and Windows and Stones (2014) and a
five song EP.
Serena’s intoxicating voice and the incredible instrumental talents of the band
compliment each other in ways impossible. When you listen to her sing and watch
her, you can actually see the feelings and emotions and heart she pours into her performances.
Their latest album released in September 2014 “Windows and Stones” is every
piece of Serena’s soul recorded for our listen pleasure. With creative intensity high
energy and all the spirit and soul one could ask for this band will take any listener on
an unforgettable emotionally musical journey.


Paige Kopp (Niagara Falls)

At just the tiny age of 16 Paige Kopp is fresh grunge mixed with solid punk puking
all over the Niagara Music scene. Starting her guitar career at the age of 10, it wasn’t
till the age of 12 that people would feed off her energy and Paige had no hesitation to
hit the stage. She has performed professionally since. “Music awakens every level of
my being”. To quote Paige. You can feel the passion and drive this young woman has
for the love of sound. Playing music is Paige’s way of coming alive. She feels heavy
that when you do what you love you benefit yourself as well as others and it creates
a chain reaction of happiness, making the world a better place. Paige was taught to
play guitar by Steve Kostyk for 4 years and recorded her first EP “Paige Kopp” at the
age of 14. Paige had the pleasure of recording at Winding Path Media with Ethan Rising
and Mike Saracino. Her first EP was 5 tracks long.
In 2013 Paige won a Niagara Music Award for New Artist and was nominated for
Rising Start and Song Writer of the Year. In 2014 she was nominated at the NMA’s
for Female Vocalist Original Song and Song Writer of the Year. Paige has also been
featured on 610 CKTB Radio with Jim Fannon.
Paige has had the pleasure of playing many venues in the Niagara, Hamilton and
Toronto Regions since she was just 12 years old. She had played shows like SCENE
Music Festival and the Friendship Festival.
In 2014 Paige formed her current band “Paige Kopp” with band member Matt
Guarasci on the drums. They are working on a full length album to be released in the
summer of 2015.
A lot of Paige’s inspiration comes from the incredible musical talent in Niagara
Falls. She feels the musical community we have is indescribable with all the amazing
talent and good people and is grateful for the opportunity to work alongside these
Paige feels that with the genre of music she creates it is important to stay true to
yourself and what you are trying to accomplish. Music speaks what words can’t.
“Why have I chosen the artistic path of being self-employed instead of the mundane
9 to 5 or a so called guaranteed paycheck? Ask yourself; How much are you
really worth when you take all the money away? The true success lies in your happiness”
-Paige Kopp 2015


Ashram Garage (Niagara Falls)

Ashram Garage consists of Kevin King and Jim Slominski and has been playing
together for almost 10 years. They consider themselves to be an instrumental and experimental
duo. Creatively they are a blend of Indian, Folk, jazz, psychedelic and jam.
Jim feels he began his music career late in life. He was given the job of bass siting
an upright bass for a friend for the summer. This was around the age of 20 and as
it sat in his parent’s basement he would run his fingers over the ebony finger board
pretending to play along to John Coltrane’s Love Supreme Album. It wasn’t until the
moment though that he saw the McGill Jazz Band perform and this is where he saw
the great Montreal symphonic and jazz bass player, Eric Legace. He watched as he
spidered his fingers over every inch of his bass. After watching Eric do this he sought
after and took lessons from Eric for 2 years. Though Jim wasn’t a very good student
nor could he play very well he still persued and performed many musical collaborations
with musicians (mostly jazz) he says were far better than he was. Though Jim
spent a number of years playing with the band Wasted Talent playing the electric
bass it wasn’t until 2010 Jim got serious about his string bass. Jim also plays with the
band Duely Noted and has collaborated with various artists such as Jay Reed and
Chantal Barrette.
Kevin was raised in St Catharine’s and got his first guitar at the age of 9. He didn’t
play much until he got his bass at 16. From there it was an acoustic guitar at 18. And
at 20 Kevin picked up a banjo for the first time. A few years went by and Kevin got
into the bag pipes For Kevin most of his past is an illusion. Only fact being music was
there the whole time. Along with writing original music with Jim, Kevin also writes original
music with the grunge/ stoner band Slumber Dust with Geoff Graham, Chance
Watt and Mike Manseau.

Though Kevin and Jim have played together for close to 10 years, it wasn’t until
2013 that the 2 of them came to the conclusion that they enjoyed the music they
made together and formed the duo. Over the course of 2014 Kevin and Jim have
spent an immense time recording in Jim’s Garage. They are currently working on
their first EP Grasshopper Green, to possibly be released later this year. The album
will feature original poetry by Jim’s son Jake entitled St. Michael’s. Kevin and Jim are
also hoping to collaborate with many local musicians for recording.
When asked why did they choose music, for Jim it has to do with the immediacy
of music and how it hits his gut and stays with him. From an early age he can remember
making the association of music to events and feelings, almost like a constant
sound track to life. For Kevin, music has an effect on everything. His emotions, mental
state and environment. The sound of the soul stringing everything together.


Dylan Marz (Niagara Falls)

Though Dylan only started singing professionally a few years ago her love of
music and singing goes back to her childhood, always volunteering to sing for family
functions. When Dylan was asked, why music? She described it as her “drug of
choice.” Throughout all of her life it has made everything better a feeling of everything
being right in her world. Adding it is an amazing feeling to help people with music. It is
amazing to sing to raise funds for great causes but for Dylan she hits the notes on a
personal level as well. Her CD was passed on to a victim of abuse, a young woman.
After listening to the CD she was given Dylan had received an email from the young
woman expressing her feelings and thanks for what Dylan’s music had done for her.
And the inspiration Dylan had given her.
The CD? A recording Dylan did of the Alice Cooper song “Only Women Bleed”.
The song was recorded by Dylan at the studio of Adam T. Wallington for a Women’s
Place of South Niagara Fundraiser. Dylan and the young woman still keep in touch
today. This experience for Dylan was her confirmation of acceptance into the music
Dylan has had the pleasure of studying with many great artists including Chico
Sanchez, Rick Rose and Danny Lamb. She had the opportunity to study at the Niagara
Institute Of Music & Arts with Danny and Rick from September 2011 to June 2013.
Since studying with Rick and Danny, Dylan has gone on to perform at various charity
events such as Coffee 4 a Cause (a cause for Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus and
association in Ontario) and the Salvation Army food drive for Christmas as well as the
summer event at Cummington Square in Chippawa. Dylan is also a huge supporter
of Women’s Place of South Niagara as mentioned above, being the co-ordinator for
the event every year. Dylan coincides the event with International Women’s Day just
to give it that added special touch. Many talented musicians come out and perform
in support of the event as well local comedians; private businesses and private residences
come out and lend their support. Not only is Dylan an aspiring singer in Niagara
she is also a contributor to all things local music. Every day is brand new there
is no telling what the future holds for 

Brad Ward (Niagara Falls)

Brad picked up a guitar in 1998 and never put it back down.
When Brad picked up the guitar he knew it was always going to be a strong part
of his life. His father not only raised Brad and his sister as a single father but he
would be the biggest influence in his life musically. His father spent more time raising
Brad singing than he did just talking. He would sing everything to the kids and in
a way has spilled into Bard’s parenting. This is not his father’s only accomplishment
for Brad’s musical career. At an early age he introduced Brad to Classic Rock music
explaining the metaphors to the music and the great lengths that musicians would go
to produce it. That inspired Brad to take the guitar one step further and start writing
songs to go with the music.
Brad would imitate different artists growing up and his father was always quick
to let Brad know “There is only one Jim Morrison” or “There is only one Kurt Cobain.”
Brad says this is the best advice is father could have ever given him. Along with
Brad’s father, his wife Mary is always involved with Brad musically. He believes that
Mary always being honest about whether or not the music Brad is producing is good
helps with the moulding of his career. Her honesty and support shapes Brad’s musical
journey every step of the way. She has helped keep Brad grounded and helped
his musical dream stay attainable as well as keeps Brad challenged with what he
Throughout Brad’s life he has had another grand influence on him and that is
Brad’s cousin Jamie. He has unconsciously influenced Brad throughout life, as well
as music. Brad works hard on his musical journey every day and is looking to release
an album later in 2015.


Chico Sanchez (Niagara Falls)

For Chico Sanchez, music is his saving grace and his way of sharing with and
helping others. Chico started his professional music career in 1993 with a band
called the Shades, based out of London Ontario after the Shades he moved onto the
Bluecollar Band, Jacksquat and then Springloaded.
The love of music for him goes as far back as he can remember. Originally from
St.Thomas (1 of 9 famous people from St. Thomas) Chico chose Niagara as his
home to settle and play. In his time in Niagara Chico has made quite the musical
name for himself. Chico has played venues such as The Hilton, The Horn Blower
Summer stage, the Dunn St. Bar as well as many festivals. Chico has been a member
of a few different bands including Hogwild a project Chico worked on for 15 years
and then retired the band in 2014.
You will often see Chico with artists he believes will go somewhere with their
talents. Chico has shared the stage with such musicians as Kool Daddy Blue, Adam
Wallington, Ronnie Stevens, Justin Maki, Bryce Moore, and the list continues on.
Along with all of the amazing performers he has shared the stage with Chico also
spends a great deal of time with his band Dealer’s Choice, based out of Niagara
Chico has played all over Ontario as well as quite a few shows in eastern Canada.
When you listen to Chico sing you can feel his compassion and love for music,
song writing and guitar playing. He feels his music is his way of giving back. Chico
has performed at many benefit events sometimes doing as many as 31 a year.
He received 2 Civic Awards from the City of St. Thomas for all his contributions.
He also works very closely with the Carlise Café in St. Catharines. To date Chico has
released – albums and played over 100 venues. With such musical energy a compassionate
soul and wanting nothing more than to share his music, it is hard to see Chico
leaving the stage any time soon.


Paul Layton (Niagara Falls)

Though born in Cambellton New Brunswick in 1964, Paul’s family moved to Niagara
Falls shortly after and it is here Paul chooses to call home and base his musical
career from.
When Paul was 8 years old his father introduced him to the instrument he would
later base his career around. Paul started playing and mastered the organ, before
long he could play every note as if he were born to play. Though not too far his career
does extend into the live stage musicals as well. In 1983, Paul played “Claude”
in the musical Hair. Paul has also had multiple lead roles in the annual Niagara Follies
stage productions. As a lounge pianist Paul toured around Nova Scotia and New
Brunswick in the 80’s. This is when Paul’s sound started to take shape and develop.
Over the years Paul became a recording studio veteran, and has had his musical
talents appear on artists albums such as, Douglas Roy, Patricia-Leigh Michaels,
Shelly Buffet, Christina Aguilera, Lorne Nelson and Shannyn . As well Paul toured
with Billy Kidd as a pianist and harmony vocalist. To add to his resume Paul has also
done 11 studio albums, editing songs adding shots and harmonies. This was a really
fun point for Paul in his career.
Being an original member of the Bareback Riders, Paul and the band have
opened up for such acts as Ronnie Hawkins, Duane Steele, Jamie Warren, George
Fox, Don Nielson and South Mountain, Prairie Oyster, Jason McCoy, Michelle Wright,
Terry Clarke, Brooks and Dunn and Reba McIntyre. Getting to spend time with Ronnie
Hawkins was a high light of Paul’s life, never mind his career. He got to spend
some time with Ronnie who he admits has quite the collection of good memories with
other legendary musicians. Another major high light if not the top was opening for
Reba McIntyre. Paul describes his experience with her to be very professional and
incredibly impressive.
In 2001 Paul released Mystical Dreams, a unique full length album showcasing
just some of the incredible talent Paul has. This album is his way of making his personal
mark in the musical world. The album was put together over the course of a
couple of years and rightly so being a musical masterpiece. Paul has already started
working on his latest album and if it’s anything like the first, we are in for another mesmerizing


Chris Garner (Niagara Falls)

Starting at a young age Chris has had his hands in the music scene from many
different angles. He has played in and with many different bands, recorded and produced
all over Ontario, he has even invented an app to make high-tech recording
more accessible to musicians.
Chris entered piano lessons in grade 7 but it wasn’t until grade 9 that Chris exploded
into music and all over the drums. Skipping forward in 2005 Chris co-created
the Spinz and toured with them for quite a few years.
Since leaving the Spinz, Chris has made his way over to the recording and producing
side of the music industry working with bands like I’ve Got Gloria and Cory
Cruise Ardent, Nathanial Goold, Horseshoe Falls Battered Egos Jeremy Vokey and
Shark Week. Chris has had the pleasure of working in the country’s top studios including
Cherry Beach Sound in Toronto, he is also recording and producing with Paul
Gigliotti formerly of Wave.
Chris developed the Albums App, an application that will be available for purchase
from itunes and Googleplay that will allow Chris to not only produce albums
from different artists but it will also include art work, photos, videos, merchandise,
tickets and many other perks from the bands. The app is designed to stay current
with what the artists and bands are doing. This app will allow Chris to have a mobile
SInce Chris both produces and records he will literally be able to bring the studio
to you. Due to the ability to utilize apps through the Albums app this makes recording
for artists less costly and more enjoyable. Chris has been in the Niagara Music business
for over a decade and it seems he is just getting started.

The Anti-Q's (niagara falls)

What started out as 2 brothers messing around with lo-fi analog music demos
became one of the most high energy rock bands to hit the Niagara scene. Nathan
and Ryan Dobbin were born and raised together in Niagara Falls. Nathan started seriously
with music in grade 8 and Ryan grade 11.
When the Dobbin’s started recording demos anyone who knew them wanted one
(including myself).
For Nathan and Ryan it wasn’t long before close friends as well as professional
musicians wanted to jam with the Dobbins. With the right people their music transformed
into bigger and better sound. What started as just a side recording project for
the boys, turned into a 5 piece rock machine. Before long the band made the decision
to move in together and have their talent be their serious careers. They focused
on playing all over Ontario making their main target Toronto. Before long they were
recognized as a new indie rock band. Their early demos made it to the ears of singer/
songwriter Ben Lee. Ben took the
Anti-Q’s to the next level. He introduced the band to James Iha (former member
of the smashing pumpkins). James brought the boys to his studio in New York,
Stratosphere Sound. After just 5 days in the studio boys cut their first EP. With their
first EP under their belts the band also went on to make their first music video “Little
Jesus” which was recorded comfortably among all of their instruments in their cozy
Niagara Falls home. This paved the way for them
to share stages with such acts as
The Trews, Tokyo Police Club and Nu Pornographers. This has also opened them
up to do festivals such as NXNE and Scenefest. The EP was a blessing for national
exposure as they heard themselves on radio stations such as 102.1 The Edge and
saw themselves on Much Music’s The Wedge. The boys headed back into the studio
again after playing many packed clubs throughout Ontario and at the end of 2007
they released their first full length album “Saints and Sinners”. An 11track album
that keeps you going from beginning to end. Right after the album release the guys
went right back to the road, this time opening for such musicians as Ron Sexsmith.
In 2014 the boys released “Human Robots”, another full length album with 10 songs
and again will keep you listening all the way through. The boys of the Anti-Q’s have
proved they are in no mood to stop doing what they love. Keep an ear out for them
and you just might like what you hear.


Pierre Gascon (Niagara Falls)

By the time Pierre was able to sit up he knew how to hold a drum stick. Being the
son of long-time musician Jean Paul Gascon, well-known around the Ottawa region
and Northern Ontario. Music is in Pierre’s blood. His father played in many different
styles of bands like rock and country and opened up for bands like the Guess Who.
Music was a staple in the Gascon household so it was no accident that he would follow
the very same path. By the age of 12 Pierre had joined his first band and many
more after that. Pierre also enjoyed playing a few competitions, he was asked to join,
by the Ontario Conservatory of Music.
Throughout Pierre’s career he has shared the stage with the likes of Endas,
Erimha, and Die Mannequin. In high school Pierre played in a few different bands
with local country star Tim Hicks. He has also done live sound for many bands and
DJ’s. No matter the music or the event as long as he was playing with music he didn’t
care about anything else. Other instruments Pierre plays include the guitar and the
bass, though drums are his first love.
Though a few tracks here and there were recorded on cassette and usually produced
at home, any band Pierre was in was all about the live shows, playing clubs
throughout Ontario as well as some shows in Montreal and the United States.
In 2000 while continuing on with his music career Pierre met Katie and since
2003 when they married they have added 2 children to the mix Sacha and Blaze.
Katie and the kids would help fuel Pierre’s music career. In 2011 Pierre and Metal
front man Chris Bowlby, formed Homicide Drive. They would go on to play many live
shows including Niagara Metalfest and many fundraising events for charity, Including
one to raise money for a breathing machine for a little girl.
After 4 years of Homicide Drive Pierre and Chris decided to call it quits and March
8th 2014 they would come together to play their last show. It would also be the last
time Pierre sat behind his drum kit. 4 days after the show Pierre was in a life changing
accident that entirely broke his left leg, shattered both his ankles and shattered
his right foot displacing his big toe from his foot. Pierre survived the accident leaving
him in a wheelchair after extensive reconstructive surgery. After several months of
intense therapy and the help of I quote, a “fantastic wife”, Pierre is now out of a wheel
chair. He has also extended his career in music by now teaching the art of drumming.
And as promised back on the drums with almost no movement in his ankles

what so ever he is working on different techniques to play. Being on the drums gives
Pierre and amazing feeling and he proves nothing will ever stop him from playing.


Battered Egos (Niagara Falls)

In 2010 Battered Egos ripped in to the Niagara music scene and never looked
back. The band started out doing covers in local bars and clubs, rocking every venue
and making new fans and friends every corner they turned. With the instrumental
talents of the band (Bobby B, Stevee “Thunder” Campbell, Darcy Trenholm and
Christian B. Rawkopolis) their lead singer, Christie Hails at just 5’1 puts out a sound
unheard of before them. They stay true to their grunge/alternative roots but throw in

a twist of awesome to keep you hooked. Though enjoying being a cover band, after 4
years of cover songs the band decided to break out of other bands skin and into their
They recorded their self-titled album Battered Egos and released it in November
of 2014, with nothing short of amazing feed-back. Their first single “All is Fair in Love
and War” has had a great response and is available on itunes. Max Ink Radio has
also been a great supporter of Battered Egos as Phoenix Camerah plays them every
Thursday. Also Mega Mike from various radio stations including Rock Bandom Radio,
Mega Mike Radio and a presenter at CHIP FM. Mike has been a huge supporter
of Battered Egos and presents them as “Larger than Life” when he puts them in rotation.
As of now the goal for Battered Egos is to tour as many cities as possible and
get the lead out on their new album.
Though different members were added at different times the band performs as
if they were all meant to be from the beginning. They have a great connection and
creatively express and complement each other well. Battered Egos are huge supporters
of other bands and musicians (KAC, Danica Bucci, 5 Daze, Sober City Walls
Step Echo…), taking other great musical acts to the stage with them. Strip away
the grunge and the denim and you have a real genuine rock band. Add the grunge
and denim back in and you get one kick ass Canadian rock band. At this point it is
all about continuing learning and recording for the band. Keep and ear out for what’s
in store for Battered Egos more new is on its way, and the covers…will be left in the


Eric Martin (Niagara Falls)

Raised on the Guelph punk rock and skateboarding scene of the late 80s and early 90s, Heavily influenced by 80s punk like Fugazi,  Black Flag and The Misfits,  Eric started playing guitar in a dirty punk band named GPA. When it became apparent that guitarists were way to common,  he switched to drums and with ex GPA members Nathan Martin and Matt Granger formed the alternative rock band ACME.  ACME was a classic story of almost making it big playing hundreds of shows along side bands of the time like Our Lady Peace,  The Headstones and Bif Naked.   After ACME fell apart in the mid 90s,

Eric left music behind for over a decade and focused on career and starting a few businesses which led him to move to Niagara and eventually open Taps Brewing Company and 3 Syndicate Restaurants with a couple other guys. When Taps moved from NOTL to Queen Street in Niagara Falls,  it started hiring local musicians for entertainment and over the last 5 years has built itself as a hub for live music.  

Taking inspiration from the Guelph music scene of his youth,  Eric works with many local bands,  promoters,  charities and people who just want to put together a great show to bring a wide range of music to Taps.  While building businesses and raising his now 5 year old son Gavin,  Eric was coaxed back into playing music by some of the employees and regulars at Taps.  He's been part of a couple of bands in the last few years including and Trouble's a Brewin' which played around Niagara and does the infamous Misfits tribute at the annual Halloween bash at Taps.  Most recently,  Eric has joined Border City Beatdowns a punk/rockabilly band who has played all over Ontario with bands including The Matadors,  Goddo, The Nasties,  Teenage Head and Gwar.  

Influences: Fugazi,  Black Flag,  Misfits,  Danzig,  Stray Cats,  Our Lady Peace

Rod Standish (Niagara Falls)

Rod Standish has been in the music industry for over 20 years. He is a multi-talented
musician originally from Port Colborne and has been playing in the Niagara
Region for many years. Rod’s accomplishments in the music industry have been
anything shy of small. Rod joined his first band, Mirror Images, at 15. At first just the
bass player he soon assumed song writing and vocal duties as well. At the age of 18
Rod formed the band “Rudy Quazar and the Alkaloid Barmitzvahtrons,” with eccentric
musician Eric Mckay. Rod was focusing on his guitar playing in this group. Shortly
thereafter Rod would also join Phil Bosley’s band, Red Light District, as lead vocalist.
That project imploded less than a year later. Rudy Quazar continued after Eric McKay
quit, culminating in a lineup featuring Rod’s brother Jives, future brother in law, Phil
Bosely and childhood friend Ryan Mattie. Rudy Quazar has been actively performing
and recording in this lineup since 2000 and they have released 2 albums and 1 EP.
The band is currently working on another album and still play the Niagara Region. In
2004 Rod had the pleasure of meeting Roger Marin, co-founder of Cicadafest, a local
singer/song writer. Roger saw Rudy Quazar perform and hired Rod and Phil to tour
with his band. Rod toured North America as lead guitar for 3 years with the Roger
Marin Band, before leaving to focus more on Rudy Quazar. Phil still did a number of
tours with Roger after that, however, so Rod also started to work on a solo career.
Remember that time that guy tried to break the Guinness World Record for the
longest guitar marathon? That was Rod. He set up in the middle of the Pen Centre
food court and played for 58 ½ consecutive hours and beat the record by 14 ½ hours.
This took place on March 15th, 16th and 17th of 2007. Though Rod submitted proper
documentation and beat the record by an astounding amount of time he was never
recognized by Guinness for his achievement. His record has since been broken. In
the event of everything happening for a reason, Rod did raise over $1000 for the
United Way.
While working on revitalizing downtown Niagara Falls under the direction from
Academy Award winner Colin Chilvers and recording somewhere around 100 original
demos at home, Rod also decided upon another project, he was going to walk across
Canada. As a test run (or walk if you will) over the span of 3 days he walked from Niagara
Falls to Toronto. All of this happened in 2008.
On April 22nd 2009, Rod dipped his guitar in the Atlantic Ocean at Point Pleasant
Park, in Halifax, Nova Scotia at sunrise and began to walk. Rod walked 6400km
across Canada averaging 40km a day. Documented by film-maker Paul LaCroix,
the journey took Rod 8 months in total. Along the walk he wrote 18 songs that would
later comprise his double vinyl album entitled “The Walk”. On December 8th 2009
Rod stepped up to the Terry Fox statue in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, British Columbia
descended the steps to dip his guitar into the Pacific Ocean. Marking the end of an
incredible journey, and beginning the next.
Shortly after Rod walked across Canada he met an incredible woman named
Ashlee Davis, a classically trained pianist from Niagara Falls. Within a short time
of falling in love Rod and Ashlee started playing together during the process of recording
“The Walk”. Production of this album took place between 2010 and 2012 at
Winding Path Media. During this time The Rod Standish Band would come together,
featuring Rod Standish on vocals and guitar, Miss Ashlee on piano, Ryan Mattie on
bass and Ryan McKay on drums. Rod’s band has played all over the region performing
at many venues, charity events and festivals including Buskerfest 2012, Ciadafest,
In the Soil and Mount Carmel’s Fine Arts and Music Festival. In 2011 Rod, along
with Miss Ashlee would join the band Awesome Sauce. Featuring Jives Standish and
Jamie Godard as emcees, Awesome Sauce is a band influenced by hip hop and rock
and play many events around St. Catharines. Currently the band members are pursuing
other musical endeavours.
A few months before Rod would release his first studio produced album “The
Walk” he and Ashlee welcomed Roderick Standish III (R3) into their lives. On December
7th 2012 at 8:12:12pm Rod started a 100 hour marathon of music this was to
release “The Walk”. It was a live web-stream for Winding Path Media. During the 100
hours many local musicians and bands that Rod has played with came to jam as well.
Around the 70 hour mark Rod walked from the studio to Seneca Theatre (strumming
along the way) where he and The Rod Standish Band performed a full show. Rod
would walk back to the studio (still strumming) and finish the marathon. The massive
musical stretch would end on December 12th 2012 at 12:12:12am.
Together Rod and Miss Ashlee would join the Niagara Collective, Perpetual
Peace Project, an unusually large band of collected folk song writers and musicians
with the intent of harmony and peace being spread with their musical performances.
Heart to Heart the album was released by Perpetual Peace Project (now known as
the Peace Projectors) in 2014. They are planning their second Canadian tour for late
spring 2015. In July of 2013, Ashlee would become Rod’s wife. She now performs
under the name Ashlee Standish. Sharing such a major passion for music the couple
even performed at their own reception. The Rod Standish Band is currently working
on “Illegally Blind”, slated for release in June of 2015. This rock opera will be their sophomore
release. Rod and his wife Ashlee perform all over the Niagara region, bringing
a good time and great music to all. Rod is definitely a musician ahead of his time.

Taps Brewery (Niagara Falls)

“Founded in 2004, Taps Brewing Company is located in the heart of Ontario’s tourism and wine coun- try, in Niagara Falls. We
brew our custom crafted beer in small batches, using only four ingredients: pure filtered water, select hops, choice malted barley and yeast. Taps beers have a unique, refreshing and truly satisfying taste that compliment our award winning chef’s menu.“
Taps Brewery on Queen St. in Niagara Falls is a custom craft brew company that offers a taste of pure perfection. As well as being an award winning Brew Company and Restaurant, Taps is known far and wide as a premier music establishment, hosting bands from all over Canada and North America. Taps also plays host to the annual Niagara Music Awards, Niagara’s fastest growing music awards ceremony.

Nathan Chamberland (Niagara Falls)

Though the age 11 was Nathan’s official entrance into music, the passion started long
before. By the age of 2 it was apparent when he started humming the Star Wars and Superman
theme songs often correcting mom if she hummed along and messed with the tune.
Nathan started off by learning chords on the acoustic guitar, a gift from his uncle. Quickly
after the interest was shown he was put into guitar lessons with Leroy Emmanuel of LMT
Connection. A skilled and popular musician based out of Niagara.
Over the years Nathan has learned to play many different instruments including,
guitar, bass, harmonica, piano, wood flute, drums, percussion and ukulele.
Not even high school was going to stop Nathan from moving on to a career in music. He
applied for his co-op placement with Rainbow Recording Studio in Niagara Falls. The school
tried to give him “other direction” but his heart and head were set. After deliberation back and
forth between the school, Nathan and his parents, the school lost and Nathan continued his
musical path. Once in the studio Nathan had the pleasure of having Rick Rose to be the first
musician he recorded. Being an art form he had fallen in love with Nathan apprenticed at
Rainbow Records for many years after the co-op to learn everything he could about recording
while he was there.
Though Leroy was never replaced as the original idol, in 1993 Nathan was introduced
through a CD to who in his eyes would be the greatest band of all time, I Mother Earth. He
also in his own words discovered “The greatest guitar player of all time, Jag Tanna”. There
was a fixation of wanting to play just like him. His influence was in everything Nathan did
musically. Later in life Nathan and Jag met, forming a long standing friendship that continues
today. Through Jag, Nathan has met many other great Canadian artists. This made it
possible for Nathan to have all the judges of the Niagara Music Awards be Canadian music
celebrities and have I Mother Earth perform at the event.
To date Nathan has many credits under his belt. In the 90’s Firewall was Nathan’s band.
They came together in 1996 and had a great time playing and touring while together. In 1997
through a studio called Groundloop Productions they professionally recorded a full length
album and had radio play of their music. In 1999 Nathan had decided that being the rockstar
was not where he wanted and got into production and recording full time as well as writing
and selling music from his own studio Sonic Myst Labs. In 2000 Firewall disbanded and
Nathan fell heavily into production and recording. Nathan produced other artists and bands
from his studio as well as ran a “Put your poetry to music” business on line.
In 2002 Nathan wrote for Canadian Musician Magazine. Reviewing equipment from
there he chose whatever he wanted to write about, and now currently writes for the Musician
Union’s Newsletter. Believe it or not Nathan actually went to school to be a writer.
In 2005 things changed musically for Nathan. He discovered MIDI, and this gave him the
opportunity to record any sound on his keyboard giving him the world’s largest orchestra at
his reach. This opened up the door for Nathan to finally put all the orchestral music playing
in his head into a recording and hear it play back to him. Orchestral music is automatic for
Nathan; he has the ability to write it as it swims in his head.
In 2009 Nathan merged Sonic Myst Labs with Brother Loose films and this created
Northern Empire Studios. This would be where Nathan would make his first viral video seen
by millions. The studio was located on Queen St. in downtown Niagara and ran for just over
about a year. This was a 4 way partnership between Nathan Todd Brown, Wayne Corlis, and
Kevin Davidson.
In 2010 Nathan gave up his “day job” in high-end sales to work in music and video full
time. This proved to be the right path for Nathan, as in the same year he became the first
person to produce Khea Emmanuel, daughter of the legendary Leroy Emmaunel. They
worked together on her song Know Thyself. Nathan wrote the song, performed the instruments
as well as did the backing vocals. Khea performed the song. Nathan also had the
pleasure of directing and shooting the video for the song and was pleased to know it did very
well in Europe. To date Khea has been Nathan’s favourite artist to work with. During his time
working with Khea Nathan began writing scores. As he would write them he would submit
them to a filmmaker meting site and was hired first to score films produced by college kids in
the U.S. and that led to adding music to corporate videos. Eventually Nathan got into creating
his own videos to score. He created the TV show History of a Haunting and did very well
with the media.
On top of all of the studio accomplishments Nathan is a very skilled guitarist he has
been playing for many years. He has lent his talents to many artists and albums across Canada
including John J. Cook, LunarTheory, Miranda Rose, Bev Zizzy and Sharon Gudereit
just to name a few. Nathan works with a man named Jared Robinson on a regular basis. He
is a producer out of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He owns a studio called Nebulus Entertainment
and they do most of their work together via Skype. Nathan plays guitar for many of his
artist’s songs.
Currently Nathan is an executive for AFM local 298. He believes that musicians should
not be abused for “exposure” and works very hard to fight to get them a fair pay for their
talents, knowing what kind of time, money and passion these people put in to what they do.
Though Nathan is an established composer and filmmaker he is also an advisor on how to
get into the industry and can be contacted for advice for a fee. Nathan has been in every
aspect of the industry and there is no telling what he is up to next.

Border City Beatdowns (Niagara Falls)

April 1ST 2009 was a turning point in the history of music and the Hallmark of a
very cruel April fool’s day prank on the world. The evil powers of rock n roll had summoned
the diabolical mind of one Richard Sin to assemble the ultimate platoon of
debaucherous, raucous, beer swilling, Noise loving individuals. In which he found in
the likes of Adam Carr, Eric Martin and Dale Cooper. Under the influence of punk rock
greats like Joe Strummer, Tim Armstrong, Link Wray and Mike Ness this tribe of reprobates
continues to tour Ontario in support of there latest album This is Rock!!! It defines
there lives growing up in a town and scene surrounded by Rockabilly and Punk
Rock culture…and lets not forget the strip clubs that Niagara Falls is oh so famous
It was in the blood of the Beatdowns to play. They all have very musically talented backgrounds.
For many years they drifted, playing, lost in the musical world. The Border City
Beatdowns formed in 2008 when the musical genius of C.J. Richardson, Dale Cooper, Eric
Martin and Adam Carr came together. They drew up they contract signed their souls to Rock
n’Roll. As a good old fashion rock band mixed with a teenagers energy, the band spend a great
portion of their time travelling the country promoting their eclectic sound sharing the stage
with acts like The Matadors, Gwar, Teenage Head, the Nasties, Goddo and The King Beez.
A Rock n Roll machine if you will. The promotion is of This is Rock!!! which was release
in January of 2013, has had a great response. Performing songs about what they describe as
“Brawls, Broads and Hot Rods” and with all the swagger and style you could ask for Border
City Beatdowns tear up any stage the step on.


Miss Ashlee Standish (Niagara Falls)

Born and raised in Niagara Falls Ashlee became very comfortable with the piano by the
age of 6. She is classically trained and enjoys every moment she plays. Ashlee is also very
talented with other instruments as well, including the guitar, drums, violin, and cello.
Ashlee has been performing for many years playing classical piano for private events as
well as teaching lessons. Ashlee has been performing solo and accompanying many project
with her piano talents and performs under the name Miss Ashlee. Her many projects include
The Rod Standish Band, Awesome Sauce and the Perpetual Peace Project. Ashlee has
many events on her resume as well, including Cicadafest, In the Soil, Strutt Launch Party,
Springalicious, Buskerfest, Sick Kids Benefit, Autism Awareness Benefit, 21 Band Salute, Intimate
and Interactive Niagara, Mount Carmel Fine Arts Music Festival and the Niagara Night
of Arts Festival.
In 2010 Ashlee met and fell in love with equally talented musician, Rod Standish. During
the course of 2010 to 2012 Ashlee would accompany Rod at Winding Path Media, in recording
“The Walk” and album Rod created walking across Canada. In 2011 during the recording
process of The Walk, Ashlee, along with Rod, would join Awesome Sauce, a Hip Hop Rock
influenced band that have played numerous events and venues around the Niagara Region.
They would also form The Rod Standish Band. In 2012 Ashlee and Rod would welcome in
to the world R3 Roderick Standish III. Just months after Roderick was born The Walk was
released. In 2012 Ashlee would join Perpetual Peace Project (Peace Projectors) a collection
of Niagara based musicians performing their talents to generate peace and harmony.
In July 2013 Ashlee and Rod married. During the reception they got up and performed to
celebrate the love in their lives.
In 2015 the Rod Standish Band are looking to release “Illegally Blind” a rock opera being
recorded at Winding Path Media.
Ashlee and Rod continue to live in Niagara with their son and continue to record and



Revive The Rose (Welland)

Revive the Rose are 4 guys who have 2 thing in common their love of music and the
ability to kick ass on stage. Based out of Welland Ontario Revive the Rose are a new generation
of old school Rock N’ Roll. In the just 2 short years the band has been performing
together they have shared the stage with bands like the Glorious Sons, The Johnstones and
Black Collar Union. They have also had the pleasure of plying venues such as SCENE Music
Festival and the Meridian Centre Arena.
The band is made up of 4 incredibly talented musicians.
Andrew Colonico (Drums, lead vocals) grew up in a musically charged family causing
him to naturally gravitate towards music. Andrews mother is Barbra Mantini a well-known
Niagara Musician and member of the trio The Mantini Sisters. Andrew has always looked up
to her musical accomplishments. His father, whose main instrument was the Tenor Sax, was
a music teacher at Centennial Secondary. His parents also play in a wedding cover band
called Introduction. Andrew was fortunate to gro
w up behind the scenes of the music industry.
Peter Antoniou (Guitar) also grew up in a musically inclined family. His father Jim Antoniou,
a skilled guitar player in the Niagara Region. Peter got to experience firsthand what it
was like to be in the rock spot light watching his father win 97.7Htz FM Rock search with the
band ----. With direct inspiration from his father Peter picked up a guitar and took lessons to
perfect his already gene infused talent.
Steve Lawrence, the base player, didn’t come from a musical family because he was
born with all of the talent. From a young age his passion and talent was visible. Peter and
Steve jammed in a band with some friends in high school it wasn’t long before they and Andrew
were in the same jam session. Chemistry in music was an understatement when the 3
of them played and 1 jam turned into 1 year and this marked the start of Revive the Rose.
Matt Cookson (Guitar) originally from Port Dalhousie, met Andrew at Mohawk College
in the music program. A night of the 2 jamming together led to Matt being the missing link to
Revive the Rose. The 4 jammed together, the connection was instantaneous.
When asked why music? For them the answer was simple, music is free, there is no limits.
Music is a way to express love, friendships and life and people love to relate to it. There
is a song for everything and it makes the world a happier place. It’s fascinating how music
can change so many lives. To date the band has released Dickered and their latest EP Potato.
Revive the Rose is just getting started and make it their mission to keep the party alive.


Khea Emmanuel (Niagara Falls)

At just the age of 15 Khea Emmanuel took the stage for the first time and never looked
back. Being the daughter of legendary Mo Town artist Leroy Emmanuel, it was hard for Khea
to see herself doing anything else. The first time Khea and Leroy shared the stage they
proved magic was real. The musical roots were embedded into Khea’s soul before she even
took the stage.
Khea was raised by her mother and father, L.A. and Leroy Emmanuel in Niagara Falls
and she experienced music in a different light from go. Not only did she have musical legends
in and around her family but Khea has the unique self-taught ability to make people
feel whatever lyrics came out of her. When you listen to Khea sing you can feel her love for
Soul, Jazz and R n’ B radiate through any room she performs in.
At just the age of 27 Khea already has quite the musical resume. She has shared the
stage with many legends in the 12 years she has been on stage including Natalie Cole, Anthony
Schriver Kennedy, Peter Fonda, James Earl Jones, Karl Wolf and Goldie Hawn. Khea
also had the great pleasure of sharing the stage with Ann Margaret.
Everyday Khea’s musical resume and range is taken to new heights. Recently Khea was
featured on CHCH morning show displaying her talents. Khea stays close to her Niagara
Falls roots too. Performing to sold out crowds in her hometown and being an active supporter
and fund raiser for Project Share.
Khea Emmanuel is a combination of fearless and gentle she is a strong deep rooted
woman with a soft soul, and a musical ability to make her way into yours.


Eklectik (Niagara Falls)

Eklectic is a band made up of 5 unique and talented musicians. Just an idea, brought
to life in 2012. There was trial and error with band members but eventually the puzzle came
together. In the beginning of the bands journey, they covered everything for everyone, from
country to metal to funk. Eklectik have moved on from the days of covering and are on to
creating their own sound, with every bit of their passion and love of music weaved through
every song they release.
The guys individually are very talented musicians. Mike is a veteran of the microphone,
he has
been singing for around 25 years and it’s a brand new feeling and experience every
time he hits the stage. Derek plays for the outlet. Happy or sad it is his way of conveying
everything he feels. Derek has been playing for 22 years. He got his first guitar at 11 and quit
after just 3 lessons. Derek has had tremendous support from his entire family on his musical
adventure. Originally from Nova Scotia but now residing in Port Colborne, Dan has been
accustomed to the bass for over 10 years. It is very apparent he has a natural ear for music.
Russ has been behind the kit for 15 years now is self-taught and sees no signs of slowing
down. Playing with such bands as Battered Egos and Secondhand Noose, Russ permanently
plays with Eklectik. Being the skilled and diverse musician that Wade is, he seemed
like a perfect fit for the band. He started playing 13 years ago and the array of instruments
spiralled from there, playing everything from the banjo to the Xylophone, though his heart
lies with the guitar.
Each member brings something fun and original to the band which intern makes these
guys kick ass on any stage they grace.
Eklectik have played many venues and events including, Grand Central, Taps Brewery
and the Reeb House, as well as contributed time and hard work to organizations like Super
Heroes of Autism and A Union in Music. They have also shared the stage with other fantastic
home grown talent such as, Deadgrass, Rod and Ashlee Standish, KaC and Bad Idea.
Their first album comes out the summer of 2015, and is looking to be nothing shy of
awesome. It is highly recommended to be owned.


Road Waves (Niagara Falls)

Based out of Niagara Falls Road Waves bring you on an adventure of space time and
sound. Heavily influenced by the rich chord progressions of Phish and the Grateful Dead, it
is hard not to find yourself in creative emotion. The boys believe that they chose music due
to it being “a universal language that binds us all together”.
Road Waves consists of 4 very talented young musicians. Ji “Sharp” Yehia started playing
when he was just 12 his first experience was a handmade nylon stringed guitar, from
there it was his mission to have his own. After a brief moment working in a cigar shop Ji
bought his first acoustic guitar. At just 14 Ji would be a part of his first band, Temporary Valentine.
They played metal music. His musical resume would create itself from there.
At the age of 12 Lucas Punch made an executive decision to play the bass. His friends
played the guitar and he believed if they were going to go anywhere musically they would
need a bassist. Deciding it was his mission to be a useful and valuable musician he began
bass lessons with vocal lessons to follow shortly after. Lucas’s first band playing alongside Ji
would be Black Creek. During his time with Black Creek, Lucas would also find time to play
in Ji’s band Temporary Valentine.
Born in Tokyo Japan Yo Izumita came to Canada in 2000. In the beginning Yo wanted to
play the drums but due to having a guitar around while growing up, there is where his talent
and passion for music would lie. After a few years of lessons Yo too would join in the musical
adventures of Temporary Valentine.
Matt Maxwell’s influence to play the drums did not originally come from a love of music.
It came from the experience of playing famous video game “Rock Band”. Though it was
the video game that inspired him he discovered a natural ability to feel the flow of a drum
kit and to play his way around it. It was when Matt discovered Metallica that he would dive
into drumming full time. As much as Matt took lessons he didn’t really need them as he astounded
his teacher with every lesson. Also a part of Black Creek Matt had the opportunity to
again play with Ji, Lucas and Yo came up in 2014 and this is where Road Waves took its turn
for the best.
The boys have a chemistry that is indescribable when they are on stage. Road Waves is
everything new, fun and fresh. They live by the philosophy “Simply create a positive atmosphere
and influence the musical jams based on the audience’s vibe. Dance away the night
while the music twists and turns you I ways you didn’t think possible.”


The KAC Himself Kris Collver (Niagara Falls)

Kris has always been a fan of Hip Hop, but it was in 2006 he stepped into the world. He
has yet to step out. Kris wrote and released his first album KaC Tales and with the support
and encouragement from close friend Jay Fancy, it spiralled from there. Since the release of
KaC Tales Kris has released 18 independent albums including his latest release Realistic. In
just the 9 years Kris has been performing on stage, he has created himself quite the resume.
To date he has opened for numerous bands including Classified, Swollen Members, Cypress
Hill, D12, Onyx, The Beatnuts, Choclair, D-Sisive, Talib Kweli, The Lox, Joey Badass, Dilated
People, Inspect Deck and Abdominal with DJ FASE.
With the high energy and eclectic rap style Kris displays on stage it is hard to imagine
him accomplishing any less to this point. On top of the credible artists Kris has worked with
he has donated a copious amount of time and dollars to charity including, the boys and Girls
Club of Niagara, Sick Kids Hospital, Breast Cancer Foundation and numerous amounts of
other foundations.
Kris has proven to be one of Niagara’s as well as Hip Hop’s hardest working artists. On
top of the 13 independent albums Kris has released he also has almost 20 b-sides as well
as many appearances on many other artists’ albums. Kris is also credited with have the song
“Rock, Paper, LIFE” featured on the soundtrack of the movie Rock Paper Scissors: The Way
of the Tosser. The song also picked up a Niagara Music Award in 2010 for Best Music Video.
This is not the only NMA Kris has picked up. He was nominated in 2009 and 2010 for
Best Hip Hop Artist and won Entertainer of the Year as well as Hip Hop Artist of the Year in
2011, 2013 and 2014. In 2012 Kris won the Niagara Talent Showcase at the Greg Frewin
Kris has proved over and over again how hard he works at what he does, but continues
to be humble about the scale of his accomplishments and shows absolutely no interest in
slowing down in the music industry. As far as Kris and his future in the music business go he
says he would like to continue to make music for a living. It doesn’t have to make him rich
and famous; it just has to make him enough money to pay the bills for he, his family and his
close friends. That would be satisfaction.


Chris Bowlby (Niagara Falls)

By 6 or 7 Chris had a deep passion for music he stumbled upon metal music
when he was 13 years old and never looked back. Metal music had everything Chris
was looking for, the loud the heavy and the “Fuck you” attitude Chris had developed.
An attitude that would bring the best and worst out of Chris on the stage. The first
band Chris dove into was Guns N’ Roses and to add crazy to messed up Chris fell in
love with playing and singing over the snare drum, the instrument most appealing to
him in cadets.
Growing up and still today Chris fell in love with music as he says it is the great
communicator and the high form of art in existence. Everyone in the world has music
in common if nothing else. It’s not just a sound or a fashion statement for Chris but
the theme song for his life. The feeling of music, for Chris is as pure as pure can be. A
shoulder to lean on when life is tough as well as a way to express celebration. Not to
mention the high he gets from the performance experience.
In 2011 Chris formed Homicide Drive with drummer and long-time friend Pierre
Gascon an extreme metal band with the “Fuck you” edge Chris needed to perform.
Being on stage he had the ability to have his balls to the wall with no fear. There was
no issue for Chris to go from talking about his personal life to calling someone in the
audience out to fight followed by Chris in some form mutilating himself on stage. Wellbeing
on stage is not in the cards for Chris, it’s all about the show the drive and the
beating in the performance he gives.
During his time with Homicide Drive he had the pleasure of sharing the stage
with the likes of Endast, Battle Soul, West of Hell and Chris’s good friends laid to rest.
Chris still spends his time in the music scene but for now it’s on the other side of the
When asked if he would ever perform again…”Fuck Yeah! In a heartbeat I would
do it all over again. Only this time, faster, louder and harder.


Cory Cruise (Niagara Falls)

At the young age of 11 in the dark corner of the attic Cory discovered his late
father’s guitar. Having only one string Cory would play along with the songs on the
radio. This is where a life in music would begin for Cory.
After cutting many lawns, Cory took the money he earned and got his first full
set of strings and playing became his passion. It was very quickly noticed, by those
around Cory, that his voice was unique and so was his talent for the guitar.
In 2009 Cory let his personality and natural ability to connect shine through his
music, he wrote and dedicated “Loving Memory” a song to show support for the Canadian
Armed Forces. In 2012 Cory won Niagara’s Next Star and according to the
Tribune Newspaper “Cory crushed the competition.” The judges (Nicole Holness
co-host of MTV Live, Mark Lalama a local music composer and Rob James, a song
writer/producer out of Toronto) said they chose Cory because “He was ready to perform
in front of 50,000 people and could connect with all of them.”
Listening to Cory sing he is able to pull you into the story of any song he sings.
Cory has been playing most of his life but broke out professionally in 2013. Cory describes
his music as “Acoustically Delicious” and says there is no better feeling than
the one you get from connecting with people through the gift of music.
Over the past few years Cory has performed many events including Illuminaqua,
The Niagara Food & Wine Expo, The Toronto Gourmet Food & Wine Expo, Niagara
Food Fest as well as the Pan Am Games Countdown Celebration.
Right now Cory’s music is being heard all over the world thanks to the internet
and he continues to wow crowds and gain friends and fans. He continues to play
shows in the Niagara Region and to sell out crowds for his original music. Cory has
been struck with an amazing talent to hook anyone to his sound and reaches up to
new heights every day.


Jeff Bond (bond School of music) Niagara Falls

Determined to stay close to home Jeff studied at Mohawk College and Brock
University with degrees in Applied Arts and Music. Jeff has also earned a Grade 10
Royal Conservatory Achievement in Classical Guitar. Though he has Niagara Roots,
it was in Brantford that Jeff picked up his love of classical guitar. Jeff has also had the
pleasure of studying with Pepe Romero, Roland Dyers and Fabio Zanon, all wellknown

classical guitarists. In 1998 he opened Bond school of Music and now has
over twenty years experience and 17 years teaching in writing arranging and composing
classical guitar. Jeff is always looking for a new audience to teach the fine art
of guitar. He spent some time on workshops and hosting in-school hands on sessions
as a way to expand.
The first time Jeff picked up a guitar he was 8 years old. He took lessons for a little
while but wanting to be like Kiss and taking lessons were a world apart for him. According
to Jeff when he was 15 he picked up the guitar again, his best friend showed
him one chord, “It took off from there.”
Jeff has an incredible resume. On top of his teaching career which includes
teaching guitar for YMCA Rock n Roll week. Jeff has played all over the world as well
as played for Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin and auditioned for the Red Hot
Chili Peppers. In Niagara, he has contributed to many weddings, recitals, arts events,
benefits and banquets. He has also had the honour of performing for the 75th anniversary
of Oakes Park.
In the Niagara Region there is an ensemble of informal assembly of guitarists
known as the Vine St Irregular Guitar Collective, that Jeff has had the pleasure of being
a part of.
For Jeff it is all about the music and everything it stands for.
In Niagara many generations of people have walked into Bond School of Music
knowing they wanted to play, they walk out confidently knowing how to.