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I have had a love affair with words all my life. I have also always bee passionate about music. Though I have published orther work in the past, in 2014 I started a new journey in my writing career and combined the two. I compiled mini bioraphies (porfiles) of various bands into one kick ass book Sofa City Sounds. Right after the release of the book I spent some time on the east coast continuing to discover great music and write about it as I found it. 

Once returning back to ontario I decided to make a major change in my writing career and focus on the music full time while continuing other work on the side.

at the end of 2017 I was asked by christie hails (ambassador to all things music the owner of and all around kick ass woman) to do the interviews for with 2018 now in the works becoming part of this team of driven critically thinking humans has opened umlimited possibilities for my creativity to expand.



What's Here

On this site you will discover kick ass music of all genres. read interviews and get the latest on what's happening in independent music.

You will also find the services I offer.